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Denis Lewinsky - CEO at Dansk Tandforsikring - Insurance Company "It has been a pleasure – you have been both fast, professional and flexible when needed. So all in all, we are looking very much forward to this relationship and I am sure that it will last for a very long time if it continues as it started." Luís Lopes - CFO at Moldetipo Group - Engineering & Production Molding Company "An economical and powerful solution to extract and structure information from invoices. This implementation allowed us to become a modern and innovative business."

Intelligent Data Capture in 113 sec.

Why DocDigitizer in 126 sec.

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DocDigitizer unlocks amazing opportunities for partners:
Integrators RPAs, ERPs, KYC/AML, and any Digital Transformation scenario.

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No initial setup, infrastructure, license fees, or troublesome implementation.



A flexible cost per document payment structure. No minimum required.

Scale Fast


Start small. Scale up or down instantly.

100% Accuracy


Much more than OCR and Data Capture.
DocDigitizer curates the extracted data and validates it for you.

Who Knew Automation Could Be so Simple?

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DocDigitizer bundles AI and Machine Learning data extraction with human revision, guaranteeing 100% accuracy.


We’re the one-stop-shop for data extraction rather than shifting the burden of the revision process onto our customers.